Day 8 & 9: Thursday Fun Day and Friday’s Finale Cause Havoc in Iron Pirate Standings

After a rest day for a heavy final exam day on Wednesday, the Pirates took to some fun on Thursday before Friday’s Grand Finale that ultimately determined the Iron Pirate Games Champions.

Thursday saw a trio of events that included the Med Ball Toss For Glory, the Ozark Eagle Stadium Bat Exit Velo and a good ole fashioned Tug O’ War Tournament, that will henceforth be known as the Maziar/Kieboom/Holland Rope Pull.

In the Medicine Ball Toss, competitors were to an overhead, reverse med ball throw for distance.  Brandon Hill and Cody Harrison had the biggest showing with a 35 feet toss.

In the Bat Exit Speed Velo Contest, competitors simply hit a baseball off of a tee as hard as they could to register their exit speed on the radar gun.  Frank Wager took home the honors with a 105 mph exit speed.  Will Campbell also put up triple digits with 100 mph even and Treeeeeeent Simpson put up a 99.

In the Tug O’ War, it was a double elimination tournament, and in the end with half of the warning track missing, Team Oz came out victorious.

Heading into Friday’s Grand Finale, all teams were within single digit points of each other.  So there was no question that the 17 event day would determine the champion.

Of the 17 events, 13 were 1 minute AMRAPs (as many reps as possible in 1 minute).  Those were:

  • Bench Press – 135 lbs
  • Body Blasters
  • Chest to Overhead – 95 lbs
  • Burpees
  • Power Cleans – 135 lbs
  • Deadlift – 185 lbs
  • Back Squats – 135 lbs
  • Kettlebell Swings – 53 lbs
  • Toes to Bar
  • Pullups
  • Hand Release Pullups
  • Butterfly Situps
  • Ground to Overhead – 95 lbs

Three of the events were last man standing events.  All competitors began at the same time and the last man standing won:

  • The Crucifix
  • Farmer’s Walk – 2, 53 lb kettle bells
  • Waiter’s Walk – 45 lb plate overhead

And finally, the last event of the day was a 400 meter sprint.

Some of the more impressive performances of the day were:

  • Trent Simpson’s 4 hour carry during the Farmer’s Walk
  • JT’s 52 reps on the Bench Press
  • Frank’s 53 reps on the chest to overhead
  • AJ Willoughby’s 36 pullups in 1 minute

At the end, a champion was determined, but will not be announced until tonight’s award’s dinner.  In addition to the Iron Pirate Awards, the following awards will be given:

  • Big Stick Award
  • Staff Award
  • Golden Glove Award
  • Academic Award
  • Individual Iron Pirate Award
  • IPG Prime Time Performer Award
  • IP Big Lifter Award in our major lifts
  • Newcomer of the Fall
  • Most Improved Player
  • Alex Cabral Hustle Award
  • Do It Right Award
  • Ty McTier Coaches Awards
  • Dirty Pirate Award

Frank says, “The Iron Pirate Games make me happy.  Treeeeeeeeeeeent.”