Day 7 of The Iron Pirate Games: The Grand Junction Jump for Glory

After a particularly brutal workout on Monday, the WOD took a turn to another display of strength, power and explosiveness as the contestants battled The Grand Junction Jump for Glory.

This WOD is very simple:  A single box jump for maximum height. Starting with a 25 inch plyo-box, the athletes began stacking bumper plate after bumper plate as both the stakes and the box got higher.


Brent Vallor getting his swerve on at the top of the box.


There were many impressive feats on the day, but none more so than Brandon Hill’s 60 inch jump.  That’s five feet.  From the ground.  Flat footed.  No running start.  Simply squat and jump on top of the box.  Brandon Hill is 5’11 himself and landed, with relative ease, a 5 feet box jump.


TDeez literally flying over the box.


In addition to Hill there were plenty of 55+ inch jumps, as Brent Vallor showed impressive athleticism, while Tanner “The Energizer Bunny” Davis was jumping over the gym.  Cuz Rookard put on a good show with the second highest jump of the day at 58 inches.


Someone forgot to explain the rules to Cody Harrison.  It’s a box jump, not a box climb.


The Pirates took Wednesday off due to finals week and will resume The Games today (Thursday) with a little fun, as the teams will compete for highest bat exit velocity, The Grand Mesa Med Ball Toss, and the dreaded Tug O’ War Tournament.


Frank says, “I’m sorry, there weren’t enough plates in the gym to stack up for my jump.  I’ll just jump on the roof of the pressbox instead….with this weight over my head.”



Jake says, “Hey Trev, you remember how fun that Tug O’ War was when we played here?”