Week 1 of the Iron Pirate Games in the Books, Team Oz Takes the Lead

After a week of pure misery, bloodshed, release of intestinal fluids, and simple pain and agony, Friday put a lid on a week of intense Iron Pirate Games with the dreaded “Parking Lot Snake of Death and Destruction…but Mostly Death.”

The event began in the MRSA-Dome as each team had a series of 9 exercises to perform.  However, the fun part was that each exercise was set up at different places in the main parking lot, causing each team to work as a unit to run to each station.  Another caveat, The Pain had to be carried to each station with the team.  Each exercise could not begin until The Pain arrived to the station.


Poskey and The Pain enjoying a nice stroll through the parking lot.


As each team “snaked” its way down to the bottom of the parking lot through the completion of each station, the final leg was an uphill, 100 yard sprint.  The winner was simply the fastest to complete the event.


JLee hitting The Dab on his team’s run to the next station.


The Snake looked something like this:

  1. Beginning in the MRSA-Dome (the weight room), the first exercise was 15 pullups.  Each exercise was completed by only one member of each team.
  2. The competitors then left the back door of the MRSA-Dome to complete 5 tire flips.  At this point, The Pain joined in the action and went along for the rest of the trip.
  3. A sprint up the hill to the main parking lot of Key Hall to perform 20 Box Jumps.
  4. A 150 yard run to the other end of the parking lot awaited 20 kettlebell swings.
  5. With The Pain in tow, and another run to the opposite end of the lot, 15 deadlifts with 185 lbs were executed.
  6. Another sprint took the teams to the other end to perform 50 butterfly situps.
  7. The next leg brought about 15 power cleans with 135 pounds.
  8. With yet another run, the competitor performed 25 push presses.
  9. The final sprint to the bottom of the parking lot awaited 3 sets of a bear complex with 95 lbs.  1 Bear Complex consists of a deadlift, hang clean, front squat, shoulder press, back squat, shoulder press and back to the ground with the weight, all without letting go of the bar.  That constitutes one Bear Complex.
  10. After 3 Bears, the team sprinted up the hill to the finish line.

JT is looking for some anti-venom in the midst of his snake power cleans.


At the end of the day, the results were:

  1. Team Oz
  2. Team AJ
  3. Team Rook
  4. Team Poskey

Headed into the last week of events, the standings are as follows:

  1. Team Oz – 113 points
  2. Team Rook – 111 points
  3. Team Poskey – 105 points
  4. Team AJ – 99 points

Frank says, “After I dominated The Snake, snakes now do Parking Lot Franks and The Pain carries me.”