Iron Pirate Games, Day 4: Tire Flip/Plate Carry Extravaganza

In what is the shortest event in terms of time, the Tire Flip/Plate Carry Extravaganza makes up for it in terms of sheer pain, agony, and intestinal fortitude.  With each team posting sub-3:00 times, the will to continue and persevere was tested in the souls of each participant.The event is very simple.  A large tractor tire, weighing approximately 300 pounds rests at the bottom of a 200 yard hill with a steady 30 degree incline to the top of the parking lot.  In buffet line style, the first competitor flips the tire, Crossfit Style, jumps 2 feet in the middle and 2 feet out and then the next team member takes over.


DelHomey says, “Hurry up Johnny JUCO, I’m trying to get my tire flip on.”


The flipping and jumping continue for approximately 100 yards up hill.  Once the team reaches the stopping point on the tire flip, the entire team sprints back to the bottom of the hill to pick up a 45 pound plate each and complete the final leg with a 200 yard, up hill sprint to the finish line.  The clock stops when the team’s final member crosses the finish line.


Cookie is wishing he was sick today.


After a highly competitive showing, Team Oz came out on top yesterday, posting a 2:33 time.


Burks proving that the pitchers are unequivocally the best athletes on the team.


After four events the standings are as follows:

  1. Team Rook – 104 pts
  2. Team Poskey – 102 pts
  3. Team Oz – 101 pts
  4. Team AJ – 89 pts

Greckel leading the charge on the last leg of the Plate Carry.


With 6 days of events remaining, today’s (Friday) event will be the dreaded Parking Lot Snake of Death and Destruction…And Death.


Frank says, “Parking Lot Snake???  I eat Parking Lot Snakes for dinner with this weight over my head….And I also like cheeseburgers…and cookies.