Iron Pirate Games, Day 3: Powerlifting Festival, Part 2

With the rain and wet tract, the Tire Flip/Plate Carry Extravaganza was postponed in lieu of finishing our 1 rep maxes in the Bench Press, Deadlift, and Power Clean.  With an impressive show, there were barely enough plates in the Pirate ThunderDome Weight Facility to keep the lines moving.

It was quite a display of power, as the competitors loaded up the Olympic Bars and moved tonnage around the ThunderDome with ease.

In the Benchpress, JT Thomas brought home the title of biggest bench at 335 pounds.  However, Jayson Cook was the big time gainer in the bench press, as he increased his one rep max from 155 in August to 205 yesterday.


Jaylen Smith just playing around with a 500 pound deadlift.


In the Deadlift, there was simply barely enough room on the bars for most of the competitors, as we had in excess of 20 athletes post 400-plus pound deadlift maxes, with Jaylen Smith lifting an impressive 500 pounds.  The big gainer in the deadlift was Jay Meuse, who added 85 pounds to his 1RM, pulling 405 lbs, up from his 320 max in August.


Burks says, “Hey guys, uhh, I just picked this 450 pounds up like it was nothing.  Anyone want to go throw?”


And finally, the Pirates completed their lifts with the Powerclean and Big Frank Wager paced the Pirates with a 285 pound lift, while JD Brown added 50 pounds to his original lift of 180 to up his new max to 230.

After all of the points were tallied through 3 days of The Games, the standings are below:

  1. Team Poskey – 99 pts
  2. Team Rookard – 94 pts
  3. Team Oz – 89 pts
  4. Team AJ – 82 pts

Frank says, “I will not put this weight down until Team Oz wins the Iron Pirate championship.  And because I’m so strong.”