Day 2 of Iron Pirate Games: The Holy War Brings Participants to Their Knees

After Day 1 of a good powerlifting session, Day 2 brought about some fierce CrossFit team competition.  Today’s WOD, known as The Holy War, is the brainchild of Assistant Coach Dash O’Neill.

With 8 members competing together, but with only one member participating at a time, the workout went like this:


Rook putting a whooping on the thrusters


For Time:

  • 800 meter kettlebell relay
  • 160 pullups
  • 400 butt to medicine ball squats
  • 240 hand release pushups
  • 120 thrusters @ 95 pounds
  • 800 meter kettlebell relay

All reps on each exercise must be completed before moving to the next exercise.


Stew says, “Get going BHill, those squats ain’t gonna squat themselves.”

Today’s effort was a test of stamina, strength, will, and guts.  The competitive spirit was high and the team camaraderie was unmatched.  With less than a minute separating each team, it was a true character building day.



Stew still doing a lot of motivating.  “Go on get.  Get on up ‘er, Oz.”


Some of the highlights of the day were JT Thomas’s efforts on the pullup bar.  Tanner Davis and his kettlebell sprint as if he were being tracked by a rabid Sasquatch.  MJ Rookard was particularly impressive on the thrusters, while Will Campbell put on a clinic during his squat reps.


Poskey says, “When is the real workout?  I’m just warming up.”


Once the smoke settled and all was said and done, the results looked like this:

  1. Team AJ – 23:19, 12 points
  2. Team Oz – 24:06, 10 points
  3. Team Rook – 24:17, 7 points
  4. Team Poskey – 24:41, 3 points

After 2 events, here is your leaderboard:

  1. Team Rook – 52 points
  2. Team AJ – 51 points
  3. Team Poskey – 45 points
  4. Team Oz – 44 points

On tap for tomorrow, an Iron Pirate Games classic – The Tire Flip/Plate Carry Extravaganza.  It’s sure to be a bloodbath.


Frank says, “I don’t have time for this nonsense, I’m too busy fighting The Holy War.  And, I keep forgetting to put this weight down.”