2015 Edition of the Iron Pirate Games Begin

As has been the annual fall tradition at Chattahoochee Valley through the years, the Iron Pirate Games have returned, as the team has been divided into 4 different teams of 8 members, with the 4 captains being Nick Poskey, AJ Willoughby, MJ Rookard, and Jacob Ozley.

With 2 weeks of 10 grueling events culminating in ultimate team competitions, Day 1 began with a test of pure strength, as each team performed their 1 rep max in the back squat, the shoulder press and max reps for pullups.

There were tremendous jumps in strength and impressive feats of power, both individually and collectively among the teams.


Jake says, “Trev, I wish we were still at The U for the Iron Pirate Games….Especially the Tug O’ War.”


On an individual basis, the following athletes posted the largest 1 rep maxes:

  • MJ Rookard – 460 pound Squat
  • JT Thomas – 200 pound Strict Shoulder Press
  • Jacob Ozley – 22 Dead Hang Pullups

As far as our biggest strength gainers, the following athletes made the biggest jumps from August until now:

  • MJ Rookard – 95 pound increase in the Back Squat (365 t0 460)
  • Nick Poseky – 80 pound increase in the Shoulder Press (110 to 190)
  • Kendall Marshall – 12 rep increase in Pullups (5 to 17)

On the team front, points were awarded 1-4 in the following categories:

  • Average 1 rep max in Squat
  • Average 1 rep max in Strict Shoulder Press
  • Average total reps in Dead Hang Pullups
  • Average total weight in all movements
  • Average Total Gains
  • Bonus points awarded to the team who had the individual winners in each category or Highest 1 rep max and Biggest Strength Gainer

So, after Day 1 of competition, the standings are as follows:

  1. Team Poskey – 17 points
  2. Team Rook – 15 points
  3. Team AJ – 13 points
  4. Team Oz – 11 points

Tuesday’s WOD will be a true test of grit, toughness, and a will to survive as the competitors will face the dreaded “Holy War”.  It consists of the following exercises for time:

  • 800 meter kettlebell relay
  • 160 pullups
  • 400 butt to med ball squats
  • 240 hand release pushups
  • 120 thrusters with 95 pounds
  • 800 meter kettlebell relay

In this WOD, only one team member may work at a time, and each team may not move to the next exercise until all reps are completed.


Frank says, “I completely forgot I was holding 225 lbs over my head while I was taking this picture.  That’s what happens when you are Pirate Strong.”