Day 3 Recap of The Iron Pirate Games

After two brutal events on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday’s events were catered to more to having a little fun with some active rest as we head into the final two days of massive intensity.

Event #1 of the day was the Dog Pile Bat Exit Speed Event.  This event simply was using a radar gun to measure exit speed with each member hitting a ball off of the tee.  The teams were allowed to use the old BESR bats for greater velocity and bat speed.  It was an eventful event to say the least, as three pitchers ended up with the highest readings of the day, as Cody Sheffield registered 99 mph, while Matty Evenson and Willy Tillery both slugged a 93 mph stroke.

Sheff Stroking 99 mph off of the tee.

Sheff Stroking 99 mph off of the tee.

However, in the end, Team Martin pulled out the team victory with an average of 89.6 mph.  Dog Pile Results are as followed:

  1. Team Martin 89.6 mph
  2. Team Ronpirin 88.6
  3. Team Welch 87
  4. Team Guthrie 85.8
  5. Team Ivey 84.6
  6. Team Trout 83.4

The next event was The Med Ball Toss for Glory as each member performed a reverse 12 lb med ball granny throw for distance.  Again, stakes were high and balls were flying.  The individual winner of the day was Trevor Guthrie as he chunked that med ball for a distance of 45 feet and 6 inches to pace the way.  With his throw and leadership, Team Guthrie came out victorious in this event with a total distance thrown of 208.1 feet.  Glory Toss results were:

Dan Lynn using his Panther pride to toss the med ball clear back to Smiths Station

Dan Lynn using his Panther pride to toss the med ball clear back to Smiths Station

  1. Guthrie 208.1
  2. Trout 185.9
  3. Welch 182.2
  4. Martin 180.9
  5. Ivey 167.9
  6. Ronpirin 154.11

The final and most controversal event of the day was the Grand Junction Pull, which is a double elimination tug of war contest.  It was a hard fought contest through and through, but in the end, Team Martin prevailed, going undefeated in the tourney. 

Team Welch pulling their hearts out.

Team Welch pulling their hearts out.

Grand Junction Pull Results:

  1. Martin
  2. Guthrie
  3. Ivey
  4. Trout
  5. Ronpirin
  6. Welch

    Huntbo says, "I'm Huntbo Mitchell.  The Stylin', profilin', limosine ridin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun."

    Huntbo says, “I’m Huntbo Mitchell. The Stylin’, profilin’, limosine ridin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun.”

The days’ final results looked like this:

  1. Martin – 15 pts
  2. Guthrie – 14
  3. Trout – 9
  4. Welch – 9
  5. Ronpirin – 8
  6. Ivey – 8

Headed into today’s events, the overall scoring is as follows:

  1. Martin – 32 pts
  2. Guthrie – 30
  3. Trout – 25.5
  4. Ronprin – 21.5
  5. Ivey – 18
  6. Welch – 18

    White Goodman says after Day 3, "Nobody makes me bleed my on my blood."

    White Goodman says after Day 3, “Nobody makes me bleed my on my blood.”

Today’s 2 events are guaranteed to be grueling and a test of will, strength, endurance and mettle as we inch closer to Friday’s Grand Finale of the Iron Pirate Games.

Event # 1 – The Pain Relay Race

This event is simply a parking lot snake race in traditional relay style….However, instead of a relay baton, the players will be carrying and handing off The Pain – a 75 lb throwing dummy.  The fastest team wins.  However, there is one caveat.  The Pain is not allowed to touch the ground, and if it does said team will be assessed a 5 second penalty for each offense.

Event # 2 – The WOD of Painful Death and Destruction…and Death

This event is possibly the mother of all team WOD’s.  This event came about 3 falls ago, when in the aftermath, a former Pirate claimed, “Man, this is the WOD of Painful Death and Destruction and Death.”  It goes like this:

Heat 1

Thrusters @ 95 lbs, Wall Balls, Deadlifts @ 225 lbs, Front Squats @ 155 lbs, and Kettlebell Swings followed by a 1:00 rest and then conclude Heat 1 with a 200 meter run

Heat 2

Dead Hang Pullups – Overhand Grip, Press @ 135 lbs, HandStand Pushups, Hand Release Pushups, Snatch @ 95 lbs, 1:00 rest then 200 meter run

Heat 3

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95 lbs, Clean and Jerk @ 155 lbs, 24″ Box Jump, Burpees over the Bar, Toes to Rings, 1:00 rest then 200 meter run

Each team will select 1 member to perform each exercise in each heat.  Each heat lasts 3 minutes and individuals will perform as many reps as possible during that time.  The total number of reps completed is that team’s base score.

At the end of each heat, there will be a 1:00 rest followed by a 200 meter run.  After the 200, the team will be given 1 1/2 minutes to rest before the start of the next heat.  The combined time in seconds for each team is the team’s run time.

Final scores will be calculated by subtracting the difference between a given team’s run time and the fastest team’s run time from their base score.