Day 1 Recap of Iron Pirate Games

After 1 day of the Iron Pirate Games, you can certainly expect the rest of the week to be a competitive blood bath.  The games saw a 515 pound deadlift from the hands of Jake Maziar and plenty of 400+ pound lifts from many others.  Maziar’s deadlift was a measley 10 pounds away from the team record set by Taylor Hinshaw in 2011 with a 525 deadlift.  It was a very impressive sight for the first event of the day.

In the deadlift one rep max portion of the competition, the results are as follows:

  1. Team Guthrie – 443 lb average
  2. Team Martin – 429 lb average
  3. Team Welch – 417 lb average
  4. Team Ronpirin – 397 lb average
  5. Team Ivey – 391 lb average
  6. Team Trout – 383 lb average
Jake Maziar's 515 lb deadlift

Jake Maziar’s 515 lb deadlift

Frank Wager lifting a smart car.

Frank Wager lifting a smart car.










In Event # 2, The Tire Flip and Plate Carry Extravaganza, the first place team and 6th place team were separated my a mere 12 seconds.  There was some serious intensity going on in this event, as teams vied for precious time with the efficiency of their flips and hops, not to mention the dreaded sprint down the hill and back up with a 45 lb plate.

The results of the Extravaganza are as follows:

  1. Team Guthrie 2:35
  2. Team Trout 2:37
  3. Team Ronpirin 2:37
  4. Team Martin 2:40
  5. Team Ivey 2:45
  6. Team Welch 2:47
KMo moving that tire

KMo moving that tire

Trev leading the pack on the plate run

Trev leading the pack on the plate run








Current Overall Standings going into Day 2:

  1. Guthrie – 12 pts
  2. Martin – 8 pts
  3. Ronprin – 7.5 pts
  4. Trout – 5.5 pts
  5. Welch – 5 pts
  6. Ivey – 4 pts

Tuesday’s Day 2 Event:

“The Holy War”

This team event consists of 4 Crossfit Movements that begins and ends with a team tire carry.  The event begins with the entire team carrying the tractor tire from the weight room sidewalk down to the baseball field curb.  They then sprint back to the weight room to perform 80 pullups, 300 butt to ball air squats, 200 hand release pushups, and 100 thrusters at 95 pounds.  These numbers are per team, not per player, and the team cannot move to the next movement until the previous one has been completed.  Only one team member may work at a time.  Once the thrusters are completed, the team sprints down to the tire they left at the baseball field curb, picks it up and carries it back up the hill to the weight room sidewalk.

Bobblehead Jared says, "The Holy War will bring you to your knees."

Bobblehead Jared says, “The Holy War will bring you to your knees.”