Iron Pirate Games Begin Today

As has been the tradition since the fall of 2008, the Pirates consumate the end of the fall semester with their annual Iron Pirate Games during the final week of classes before fall semester final exams.

In true CrossFit fashion, the Pirates are divided into 6 separate teams that battle for supremacy in team events all week long culminating in Friday’s mega team WOD.  The winners of The Games receives an Iron Pirate t-shirt and 3 free passes excusing them from spring workouts.  This comes in handy when a killer WOD comes up.

This year’s team captains are Trevor Guthrie, Grayson Ivey, Evan Trout, Jeff Ronpirin, Tyler Welch, and Jared Martin..

Expect to see plenty of competition and comraderie this week.  Results and highlights will be posted daily this week.  Winners will be announced at the Pirates Black and Blue Dinner on Monday, December 9th along with the other fall award winners.

Jake Maziar wants to know, "Are you ready for The Games?"

Jake Maziar wants to know, “Are you ready for The Games?”

Today’s Event:

Event # 1 – Team Deadlift 1 rep max

Each team will perform the deadlift for a one rep max.  All the weight will be added up and divided by the number of team members for an average weight lifted per team.  Simply, the highest average weight lifted wins the event.

Event # 2 – Tire Flip and Plate Carry Extravaganza

This is as time based event.  Each team will start at the bottom of the parking lot with the tractor tire on the curb.  The first team member will flip the tire and jump in and out of the tire (2 feet in, 2 feet out) and then the next team member will go, etc. until the tire has been flipped up the hill to the stop sign.  Then the entire team will run down the hill to pick up a 45 lb plate and then sprint back up the hill to the stop sign.  The clock stops when the last person on their team crosses the finish line.